Record doesn't work on some circumstances

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E-Fir NA created an issue
Hi Benjamin! 
First of all thank you for astounding plugin!
But there is some issues with it.
Firstly - record isn't always working.

I made test project and video to demonstrate it.
You can download it from link below.

Hope you fix it soon
Thank you!

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    I could reproduce it thanks to your example project.

    The reason is that "Record: MIDI overdub" is enabled. Working on it. In the meanwhile you can switch the recording mode to the default ("Record: input (audio or MIDI)").

  2. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Just investigated this. There are ways to make it work with "Record: MIDI overdub". But this mode doesn't make any sense when recording with Playtime because if you record a new clip, then you always want a new item (not an overdubbed one).

    So the solution I want to implement is to automatically switch to "Record: input (audio or MIDI)" when recording a clip in Playtime and after that switch it back to the original setting. Any objections? Was there anything particular you wanted to achieve by choosing "Record: MIDI overdub"?

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