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Issue #176 resolved
Rob Urquhart created an issue


Just registered and starting using Playtime, it's awesome ! Really neat work, Helgoboss :)

For me, one thing is missing at the moment and that is midi overdub recording mode. I read in the REAPER forum that this is possible by enabling Midi Overdub mode on the track, setting time selection, then enabling repeat - but that is enough to break inspiration time while jamming inside Playtime - Is there any way this can be added as an option, perhaps a button to enable all the above actions in one go, and then disable on record stop ?

Failing that, a merge clip option would also work (but this means setting the group as non-exclusive if I understand correctly).

One final thing - the preferences/options panel is very large in proportion to the main session window (mostly because of the large drop down menus) - It's good to see the options for each cell, but can it be made smaller ? (yes, I know it can be hidden... :)

Anyway, thanks for you time, and a fantastic tool !


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  1. Jaay Peso

    MIDI overdub is a very necessary addition to create the atmosphere of live loop MIDI recording that we envision when we think of live loop based recording. I love Rob's idea of temporarily changing the settings and then disable on record stop. Then you could just have a menu option that determines whether you record in midi overdub mode or the default mode. For me, midi overdub would be the default mode for everything. +1 for this feature!

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