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  1. Kenneth Powers

    This feature would make Playtime that much more useful for me. I want to let Reaper act as a midi clock for other programs but different scenes have different tempos and so I'm forced to resort to hacky work-arounds to accomplish what I want. I think the way Ableton Live handles scene tempos is interesting (though admittedly hidden). Just name the scene with xyzbpm and the tempo changes when that scene is launched. It also supports time signatures e.g., x/y.

  2. michael callesen

    do you mean sort of the same way ableton has it,where you can write the bpm in the scene.

    so say you start a set with tracks that uses 140bpm and go to tracks at 160bpm

    if so then defo yes:)

  3. Nick Demosthenous

    Yes that is exactly what I had in mind. It's the only thing that I miss from Ableton personally. I had suggested that Playtime could drop a Tempo marker whenever a scene is started, but thinking about it again that might cause problems for someone who wants to start recording on an empty clip in free time and set the tempo to the loop length.


    I think the inability to change tempo within projects is the biggest limitation currently missing in playtime. The way it is implemented in Ableton (renaming scenes with a BPM) is a bit of a hack, but it works fine. It definitely does make sense to change tempo with a scene change. Is there any chance of this being implemented?

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