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Issue #197 resolved
gaffler created an issue

In ableton when stopping and starting clips there is a slight fade in and out for smoother transitions. This would be nice addition and doesn't seem too hard to implement (hopeful)

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Playtime should already respect the fades of the item. Fade-out always, fade-in currently only if "Play start time" is "Next measure" or "Next beat". So I assume you are talking about triggering clips with "Play start time" "Immediately"?

  2. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    In case if you meant fades between loop repetitions: In upcoming Playtime 1.12, take envelopes will be looped automatically if the initial envelope doesn't exceed the take length. With that feature, fades between the loop repetitions are no problem anymore. Simply add a volume envelope, draw the fades and you are done. Playtime 1.12 will also create those fades automatically after recording a clip.

  3. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    This is automatically done for recorded clips. For imported clips that's easy to add by just adding a take envelope as pointed out in my previous comment. I choose not to apply that automatically because in practice wave files in loop libraries are cut perfectly and therefore already have smooth transitions. Always adding another fade just for being safe would diminish the quality of those loops.

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