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Issue #199 wontfix
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would it be possible to export an action delete and clear item witch where recorded last

usecase: i simple can assign those action to cc button within the reaper action dialog (.eg to a lauchpad button which is not used by playtime ) i record via lauchpad (in record/play mode ) ..but if im not happy with the last record i can simple delete the last recorded item without touching the mouse

that would totaly enhance my workflow

my workaround so far: using reaper undo action, but alwyse if i force an undo all selected itmes also stops playing ( but the last recorded item was deleted )

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    I understand the use case. But I think there's a better and more universally usable option to satisfy this use case: Press Launchpad pad longer to clear the slot (will be implemented in #235 and #236).

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