MIDI items not cleared after playing if created via double clicking slot

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Issue #204 wontfix
Paul Reilly created an issue

The bug report is in the title. If I fill a slot with "Fill with copy... " or "Fill with selected..." then the arrange view is cleared as expected after stopping playback.

If I double click an empty slot to create a new MIDI item then that clip is never re-muted/moved after stop.

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Hi Paul. This is actually by design. A clip can be in a so called "edit mode" in which it stays on the timeline and is not moved around by Playtime. Because it's annoying if you want to edit a clip and it moves around like crazy on the timeline. You enter the edit mode by double clicking on the slot (filled with a clip). After that, the broom button lights up - which indicates that some clips are in edit mode. As soon as you click the broom button, all clips will be stowed away (the arrange view will be cleared).

    If you create an empty MIDI clip by double clicking on a slot, it's very safe to assume that you actually want to edit it and fill it with notes, because an empty clip doesn't make much sense. So Playtime also puts it into edit mode. Just click the broom button when you are done filling it with notes!

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