Crash report - Deleting group associated with a track that doesn't exist any more

Issue #252 resolved
Paul Reilly created an issue


Steps to repro:

Add Playtime. Add another track. Associate that track to a Playtime group.

Save Playtime track as a Track Template. Start new project and add that Track Template.

When you try to delete a group Playtime crashes.

Easy workaround - don't save Playtime template with tracks that are not going to be there when you reload. :)

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Hi Paul, thanks for the report. I couldn't reproduce it. Actually, Playtime checks on load if the track still exists. If it doesn't exist, it also won't add the association to the track.

    So I guess it must be something else that leads to the crash. Could you send me the Playtime track template that you mention and maybe also the REAPER project in which you were trying to insert the track template?

  2. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    As already mentioned, I couldn't reproduce this particular issue but a similar one: When recording a clip and the track gets deleted during the recording, there's a crash.

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