Linux port of Playtime?

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REAPER now has a Linux build. Might there be any chance of a Linux version of Playtime?

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  1. Kevin Hremeviuc

    Have been using Bitwig but don't really like it - too expensive and overly commercialised (instrusive) and some of the UI workflows etc are driving me crazy. Recently bought a copy of Reaper and am using it in Linux (where I use Bitwig). Would buy this in milliseconds! Considering that I have paid for a bundle of all of the U-He synths and effect plugins as well as Loomer's Aspect synth and DiscoDSP's Discovery Pro, the 20 Euros for this is a no brainer!!!

  2. Victor Banke

    There is currently nothing like this available for Linux outside of Bitwig, which is prohibitively expensive. T

    It would be big news if this came out for Linux, and I bet you'd see a big surge in purchases!

  3. Luis Rodero-Merino

    Yes please! I bought a reaper license as soon as it was available for Linux, it's a great DAW. I'd automatically buy one for Playtime as well, it would make using reaper so more exciting!

  4. Victor Banke

    Still pining away for a Linux version of this! It would be SUCH an awesome bonus to have an ARM version as well as 64bit x86 version, which could be run on Reaper on a Raspberry Pi - imagine the possibilities! Would happily pay for this again. I think you even have a shot a Kickstarter to help fund your development time to make this

  5. Luke San Antonio Bialecki

    +1 for linux support – would buy right away. Would be happy to take a stab at it if this project went open source!

  6. David Holland

    Is this even still maintained?

    I would love to have linux support and depending on the framework utilized, this could actually be not that complicated.

    Everything included in Playtime is just a matter of copy/pasting into the ~/.config/REAPER folder. After this I tried bridging the .dll file using LinVst in conjunction with WINE. It actually loads the plugin, but a warning message box appears stating the plugins requirements (That it needs native mode, etc.) together with a WINE crash message. After that I can actually load the VST, it just shows me a black screen. But it didn’t crash the DAW! I would love for this to work.

    Bitwig studio the direct competitor to REAPER on linux, actually works with less bridged plugins and greater latency than Reaper, so I don’t want to use Bitwig, same as many others. But apart from Playtime, there doesn’t seem to be anything comparable out there that gives REAPER such crucial functionality. I would also think that a couple of people would be willing to pay more than 20€ for a solution like Playtime on Linux!

    Do you mind me asking which framework you used to write the Playtime.dll/PlaytimeWorker.dll? Maybe there is a way to easily port it to a Linux VST?

    If this would be open source of course, it would be easy for people to adapt this functionality, although I understand reasons for not disclosing the source.

    I for my part write audio plugins using JUCE, which pretty much makes things work on all platforms without a hassle. I have over 3 years experience with JUCE, as well as >8 years experience in C++. I would be more than happy to help with this issue, maybe even porting stuff, etc. if you don’t want to do it yourself, or if you don’t have time for it.

    If this project is indeed a ghost town and abandoned, or if the maintainer isn’t interested in implementing this kind of stuff, which would both be a shame, I’d probably have to result to making it myself! I highly support your effort until this point though, which is why I would like to honor it by pushing it in the direction of demand.

    Thanks for reading my little novel, have a great day and stay healthy!

    If you want, you can also contact me via e-mail:

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