Launchpad Mode: Don't move MIDI triggers

Issue #28 resolved
Benjamin Klum repo owner created an issue

Right now, MIDI triggers are moved with the clip on drag'n'drop. This makes sense with a MIDI keyboard where keys are usually learnt individually for each clip (vs. slot).

However, the central idea of the Launchpad is that each pad corresponds to one slot (vs. clip) and that won't change between projects. Pad MIDI triggers shouldn't move with the clip.

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  1. flipotto

    Yeah - just discovered that. Would like not moving triggers for launchpad. Maybe a setting, that says there is a launchpad connected, don't reassign clips on drag n drop.

    BTW - where should I log a crash? Locked up reaper in win7 could not close reaper. Was using Jamstix in addition.

  2. Benjamin Klum reporter

    @flipotto Did you get something like a "REAPER has crashed" window? If not, it's rather a lockup as you say and then I'm afraid there's no log you can send me. Do you remember how to produce the lockup?

  3. flipotto

    No notification - was trying to drag a clip to a new location, the top of the same group. I think I did not wait long enough, before I pressed play.
    I will try to recreate, and report back here.

    Will let u know if it happens again.

  4. Benjamin Klum reporter

    re #28 On Launchpad, untrigger corresponding group if pad without clip (empty slot) is triggered because Launchpad doesn't have stop buttons

    → <<cset 94144d31f9e5>>

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