Record start time "immediately" and "next beat" don't work

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Issue #294 duplicate
Matias de Ezcurra created an issue

It just records if I select "next measure" as Record start time, if not it records an empty item. The project I'm using is just the Playtime template.

I bought Playtime yesterday and I'm getting frustrated, please help.

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Hi. It worked here. I opened your project and recorded something into the first slot, using exactly your settings:

    • Play start time: Immediately
    • Play stop time: Like play start time
    • Record start time: Immediately
    • Record stop time: Immediately
    1. Is the empty waveform only a visual issue or do you really not hear what you have recorded? Try this: After recording your stuff (the unfortunately empty items) and when playing the recorded clips, run the following REAPER action: "Peaks: Rebuild all peaks" ... does this now make the recorded waveforms appear?
    2. Can you double check if your audio input device really worked?


  2. Matias de Ezcurra reporter

    First, thanks for answering so fast!

    Checked rebuilding peaks, and it works. But it's not just a display issue: when I rebuild the peaks I can see the waveform and hear the item. If I don't rebuild, then it doesn't show and doesn't play either.

  3. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Okay, then I need to look into it. I was aware of the issue with the non-appearing waveforms but didn't give it such a high priority because on my machine it would still play the clip even if the waveform is not visible. I'll post my progress here.

  4. Matias de Ezcurra reporter

    Thanks a lot! Let me know if I can send you additional info. Maybe my Reaper preferences?

  5. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    The REAPER.ini would be indeed good to have. You can also send it to Thanks!

  6. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    I've fixed the issue with the non-appearing waveforms in #298 (will be in Playtime 1.14.0) and hope that it fixes this problem as well.

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