Allow recording Playtime track audio output to group track

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Issue #304 new
Benjamin Klum repo owner created an issue

That's an alternative to the normal track output recording function. The idea is to route all audio that should be recorded to the Playtime track. The result will end up on the group track.

This has the following advantages:

  1. The result doesn't end up on the Playtime track. That means the Playtime track won't be overloaded with items.
  2. You can add additional FX to the group track, FX which doesn't need to be already part of the recording.
  3. You can dynamically change what's going to be recorded (what's routed to the Playtime track) by using whatever REAPER techniques come to your mind.

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  1. Ampa

    Hi Ben,

    I am trying to use Playtime to emulate a Boss RC-505 Loopstation with the signal flow…

    Input 1 > FX > Group Track

    Since this requires recording the output of a track Playtime 1.15 Pre places all the clips on to the Playtime track.

    This is undesirable, as it is very cluttered, and makes further manipulation tricky.

    If I understand this FR then it would fix the issue, so I really hope you can find a way to impliment it!

    As a workaround I am using ReaRoute with the “secret” loopback feature enabled to send audio from one track + FX to the input of the Group Tracks. this works but adds significant latency, which is unfortunate.

    Thanks, Ampa

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