Deleting a clip by holding the pad (launchpad) - kinda like undo button

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Hi Helgo,

I don't know how complex this feature would be but I was dying for that (aswell as MANY other ableton users) and I don't think they ever implemented that.

You fill up an audio/midi clip on a pad by playing live, screw up a little bit and want to scratch that manually on your controller : You can't.. and it sucks especially in the middle of a performance.

People or forced to record on the pad bellow but then it kinda fucks up your scene cause Part A of your song (normally row 1) as one clip in row 2. If you could just hold down the pad for like 2-3 seconds to clear it, it'b awesome.

Coming from Boss Rc-300 / RC-505 and i'm sure many other loopers, this is pretty common so ppl would feel at home

Cheers !

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