Add a mappable Overdub button (for global clips)

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Here's an ableton REALLY useful feature for live performances (I think it would be pretty easy to recreate in Playtime).

here's the workflow

1) On controller #1 (like a launchpad), press an empty pad to start recording on it

2) Hands switch over to controller #2 (keyboard) to play music :)

3)Map a "global overdub button" to a key/button/pad on controller #2, that way you can easily close the loop and start overdubbing on it

4)Press the Overdub button again to go back on Play mode.

Simple but AWESOME for not having to rush back to controller #1 (the initial pad you pressed), and miss a beat or accidently press the neighboor pad for going to fast.

That way, you then have 2 ways to "close" your recording loop.

P.S. I saw in the parameter list theres an "overdub last selected clip"- I tried mapping it to something (it did work, altough a button lighting up in the interface when actiaved would be better - kinda like the "Write" button turning red. You could have a different colors for both )

Aside from button, the behavior with this overdub last selected isn't tailored for live use yet, here's why :

a) First press on mapped button = stops playback (Playback would need to keep going) b) 2nd press = highlights a region (lenght of the selected item/clip) and start looping within the selected region.

but say you have a 2 bar on piano track playing ( Am - Em ) - You want to overdub on your 1 bar drum Clip ... ooops :P you say where i'm going ----) Your beautiful piano chord progression stays on the Am and your live performance is messed up!

Oof I said it Should be easy to recreate that but looking back it may be a challenge ^.^


a proud playtime owner!!

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