Full Size or Bigger Play Buttons on Slots, Groups, Scenes

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Issue #342 open
FOLKDISCO! created an issue

Currently, each slot, group and scene consists of, by area, 1/6 play/stop transport button, 3/6 select button, and 2/6 midi learn button. My ideal would be to have 6/6 of the area as the play/stop/transport button, so you really can't miss the thing, and you can't hit something else accidentally! After all play is the action you want to happen 95% of the time, and you only need the other functions occasionally, when you are setting up the interface. I guess ideally you could have an option on the top right corner, or an option somewhere in settings or preferences, to toggle between full size/one function buttons or 3 way buttons. Alternatively, could we have a much bigger transport button area, and much smaller for the other functions? Having small buttons doesn't really matter so much if you're using midi control or a mouse, but for me it could make all the difference. I am looking to use playtime on a small touch screen windows tablet velcroed to my guitar. Cheers, and please keep up this great project!

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  1. FOLKDISCO! reporter

    Isn't anyone else interested? Think I will self destruct this issue in 24 hours! I have built a CTRLR panel with 10 x 10 buttons and 60 rotaries on an 8" screen. Obviously, you miss out on visual feedback, but I think it's a good enough compromise between ridiculous quantity of controls and controller size. I think I'll post another completely different idea tomorrow and see if that gets any reaction.

  2. FOLKDISCO! reporter

    This doesn't seem to be getting any votes or attention whatsoever, so I'm closing it down. Can't see how to delete it.

  3. Benjamin Klum repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I'm reopening this again. Closing it means it will forgotten. If it's open then it might get my attention at the next Playtime overhaul.

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