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Please please please provide a midi cc mappable button that will allow us to record into whatever slot is currently selected (as per Live 9)

This means you can record on the fly without having to click with the mouse on the individual slot record button before and then after recording the loop (which is a total workflow killer)

Cheers Jed

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Just implemented that for 1.2.0 but without an actual button on the GUI because I think it makes most sense with a controller. If you want to use the mouse, you might as well click the actual slot record button, no big difference.

    The mappability is given because it's implemented as an automatable parameter. You can use REAPER's MIDI learn to assign a MIDI CC (or an OSC message or whatever) to it. This also lets you set toggle or momentary mode.

  2. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Parameter's name is "Record Active Slot". You can MIDI learn it for example by opening the automation view for the Playtime track:

    2014-12-09 00_41_17-Envelopes for track 1 _Playtime_.png

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