'Looper' style recording for groups.

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switch a group to a looper recording 'mode' -

  • The 1st clip's length in bars sets the loop length of the other slots/clips in the group. (or is set manually) with the option of multiples of that length for the subsequent clips.

  • Recordings are punched in and out at that length.

  • exclusive mode is off so all clips can play out.
  • recorded clips start playing automatically. *option to keep recording in the clip (looping at the loop length) until told to 'keep' the last recording pass and/or begin recording onto a new clip. (this allows you to jam for as long as you want and then turn the previous loop pass into a clip)

combined with the existing behaviour of groups/scenes this could be really powerful for live performance & trigger looping combos.


thanks for any consideration and the efforts! Ben

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