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FR : having (like in Live) the Ability to define a play mode (like : "play 2 times and then go to the clip below/above" or "play once and go to a random clip" or "play once and stop", etc).

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  1. michael callesen

    deo would like this how it is in ableton,im using ableton now to play my DnB dj sets,couldnt play my dj sets with out follow actions

  2. Dazastahs Lair

    Clips having hierachy rules? So a scene trigger always overrules all clips unless the clip has a explicit rule to not follow the scene follow action..

  3. Thomas Christensen

    And to improve on Live make it possible to specify a random number af bars before follow.

  4. Jason Corder

    this is the only thing missing from playtime that keeps me from purchasing/really committing to it. i do a lot of generative music. follow actions in ableton are really essential and amazing for that. one fun idea: a basic scripting language one could apply per clip: “play x1 times then do Y x2 times then do Z xtimes” --- or “if color is green, then do X”

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