Copying Clip Just Clones It

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Issue #43 resolved
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When I try to duplicate a clip by draging it while holding the shift button, it clones the clip and if I change sth inside it by double clicking it and organize the piano roll, it changes the old and original clip, too.

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    That's actually a feature. Playtime uses REAPER's pooled MIDI items for copying. You can "disconnect" the two items by pressing the button top left of the item:


    I consider making this configurable in future.

  2. Rob Urquhart

    Hi Benjamin,

    I'd also like to request making the default clip copy behavior a preference so that un-pooled midi can be made a default

    At the moment, making an un-pooled copy takes an additional 5 steps to navigate through the item properties

    Press <F2> Open Item Properties Click Open Take media source Properties Click Un-pool this item Click OK (close Take media source) Click OK (close Media Item Properties)

    Or, you have to locate the Item in the arrange view, zoom in, click the Un-pool icon, zoom out... - this is better unless there are many items on the same track (and frequently there are...)

    It's a bit of a workflow killer

    Many thanks Rob

  3. Rob Urquhart

    "re #43 Use REAPER preferences (Media MIDI settings and mouse modifiers) to decide whether to make pooled or unpooled copies"

    Thanks for the feedback Benjamin, but I'm sorry to say this isn't working as expected.

    I've checked my REAPER preferences;

    Media / MIDI - Pool MIDI source data when pasting or duplicating media items is unchecked

    Mouse Modifiers / Media Item / Left Drag * Ctrl = Copy Item * Shift+Ctrl+Alt = Copy item, pooling MIDI source data

    If I Ctrl+Left Drag on REAPER's arrange page I get a unique MIDI item, but if I Ctrl+Left-Drag a Playtime MIDI clip to a new slot then I get a pooled item (which I then have to go and unpool the item to make it unique)

    The new local setting to switch off MIDI pooling when writing to the timeline won't help with the Ctrl-Drag/Copy issue for clips inside Playtime.

    Can you look at this again, please ?

    Many thanks R

  4. Rob Urquhart

    Lol, yes, fair enough, I thought your reply to my comment above was a workaround.

    I'll wait for 1.10.0 :)


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