Make post-record cropping easier

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Issue #5 resolved
Benjamin Klum repo owner created an issue

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  1. Benjamin Klum reporter

    Maybe by providing shortcut for opening nudge window with sensitive default settings. But maybe also by providing context menu where number of measure can be chosen and providing automation parameter to nudge start and to nudge end beat-wise.

  2. Benjamin Klum reporter

    re #5 Still use glue on fill if item is cut larger than the take (= item is already looped), so use sections only if item is cut to a subset of the take

    → <<cset 64627aa26a71>>

  3. Benjamin Klum reporter

    re #5 Mark end of source in section length menu so user can easily prevent unwanted silence when section start position is greater than zero

    → <<cset 139edd7d5124>>

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