Automatically drag all track items to the beginning of the project when Reaper playback stops

Issue #74 resolved
Vladimir Chorošajev created an issue

When the item has been played and appears on the timeline, editing loop points becomes cumbersome - because of the offset when moving the handle all notes move in complex ways. If all items would appear exactly at the start of the project with the playback stopped the editing would become easier. Finding the item on the timeline in the MIDI editor would be easier just as well this way (just scroll to the beginning instead of dragging the scrollbar around)

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  1. Vladimir Chorošajev reporter

    An even better way would be dragging all items that are not playing right now to the beginning of the timeline, so stopping any individual item would make it appear there for convenient editing.

  2. Vladimir Chorošajev reporter

    The current behavior also has a nasty side effect - for example you want to play along your song written in reaper transport with some clips from playtime. You move to bar 128 and play a clip on one track. Then you stop it. It remains on the timeline. You go back to bar 16 and try to play it once again - it displays a countdown until it actually reaches bar 128.

  3. Vladimir Chorošajev reporter

    Okay, after playing around a bit I see this is an issue with the open MIDI editor. Without it the behaviour is correct. So then the correct behaviour would be closing the MIDI editor automatically and maybe reopening after the clip is in the beginning of the project.

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