Easier editing of items under Playtime's control when playback stopped

Issue #83 resolved
Benjamin Klum
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Kenneth Powers:

Why are the clips shortened to one measure when not triggered? Is there a technical reason why this needs to happen? I LOVE Playtime so far, but I would really like to be able to easily edit the clips that I trigger. Right now I have to expand them back out in order to edit.

I just realized that I can double click an item in the Playtime window. My question still stands, I guess. I would like to edit my clips in relation to each other. Right now I guess my solution will be to create everything I need and then them in to clips.

There's already a ticket that handles the case that playback is running (#58).

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  1. Benjamin Klum reporter

    For reference my reply to the original forum post:

    The reason why I shorten them to one measure is that I don't want them to interfere with the “official” start of the arrangement. Even they are muted, they might disturb visually by overlapping with the arrangement. I'm thinking about a switch that – while switched on – releases and expands all items under Playtime's control so they can be freely edited.

  2. flipotto

    It would be nice to experience the switch, although, I would probably want it back the way you have it. Side note - I am happy to help test, prior to release, if you like. I am a paid user, now.

  3. Benjamin Klum reporter

    re #83 On transport stop, stow away only those clips that have been triggered. This avoids annoyances when trying to edit non-playing clips on the timeline and pressing the stop button. Before this change, they would just suddenly disappear. Items that have been triggered during the last transport play are still stowed away though.

    → <<cset de032fb0a916>>

  4. Benjamin Klum reporter

    re #83 Stow away all clips when pressing Playtime stop buttons while transport is stopped. That makes it possible to clean up everything when pressing the scene group stop button (because the clean up is not done on transport stop anymore since last change).

    → <<cset 4ee84c42e416>>

  5. Benjamin Klum reporter

    re #83 If transport is stopped and user double clicks memorized (purple play button) audio clip, forget it. Rationale: Double clicking the clip when stopped probably means the user wants to do some editing and he doesn't want the clip to disappear if we presses play if "play clips with arrangement" is enabled.

    → <<cset d73b431defc5>>

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