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flipotto created an issue

Note. Some of these requests may not make sense because feature is already implemented and I not familiar enough.

Navigation - without mouse - or less mouse during clip recording. Ideally up/down/left/right rec delete clip rom midi footswitch. Would make entering clips less clumsy when trying to put new parts in. See below for some group settings that may help.

I would like to be able to remote control trigger record clips. See above

Rt click group menu. Not in this order, this is just how they are coming to my mind. A. Rec from input for group - track output set same for group. Because - maybe all the clips will be from the same source, like guitar. (looks like this is available on track setting) Might be nice to have it on rt click of group tho... B. Rename group... Like bass or guitar. (looks like "track" name is already there) Again might be easier to do it from rt click group... C. Choose triggers for group (maybe global) to affect selected clip. I don't mean playback - already using launch pad. I mean to trigger recording. Right now I have to use the mouse alot. Maybe launch pad note triggers record when clip is empty. Need a way to delete bad clip recording

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  1. flipotto reporter

    Clarification - How to record a clip? Afaik the only way to tigger recording of a clip is with the mouse? Is that true? There is no way to tell playtime to record a clip with midi command?

    Should I put stuff here or over at reaper forum?

  2. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    REAPER forum is better for these questions. You can record using MIDI (probably you already figured it out). Please have a look at Playtime User Guide section "Automation" for more details.

  3. PitchSlap

    This will really be a godsend for foot-controller users and not needing to constantly switch back to using the mouse will help with staying in the creative flow.

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