Relative mode step size for targets with discrete values not very intuitive

Issue #126 resolved
Benjamin Klum repo owner created an issue

Some FX parameters have discrete (vs. continuous) parameters, e.g. select lists. ReaLearn already has support for them and makes sure that in relative mode the configured step size is adjusted to the step size of the discrete parameter (so that only multiples of the parameter's step sizes are used to change the parameter and not just the particular step size configured by the user). However, at the moment the default step size is a fixed value that is not at all adjusted to the step size of the actual target. So it's quite likely that if you don't tune the step size parameter, a relative change won't have any effect at all (if there are very few discrete values) or a too big effect (if there are very many discrete values).

Things to do:

  • A meaningful initial value conforming to exactly one step should be set whenever such a target is selected (only if auto-detect mode is enabled), mode reset is pressed or relative mode is chosen.
  • If it's a non-discrete target, the current default value 0.1 should be used.
  • For discrete targets, displaying the formatted parameter beside the step size input field is confusing. It should not be displayed.

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