Automation enveloppe on Latch/write/touch + ReaLearn = haywire

Issue #133 wontfix
Nelligan created an issue

Haywire might be a big of word ^.^ and I'm not sure if the problems comes from ReaLearn or Reaper itself... or this would be assumed as a normal behavior.

Anyhow : On a midi track, I have 4 instances of Vsts Loaded on the track FX chain which I bypass/activate (through ReaLearn) - with my launchpad.

When the track envelope is set to Trim/read, everything works fine. I can toggle between my vsts - the lights feedback on launchpad + the tick box in the fx chain act accordingly.

Problem arise when I want to record the automation during my Live performance. For example, on track 3 where I've got my piano Vsts, I would like to switch from one vst to another at a certain point in the song and I'd like to get transition recorded.

I've tried setting track envelope to Latch/write/touch mode and they pretty much all react wierdly with ReaLearn & controller (i.e not always consistent in regard to the light feedback when pressing the pads).

Mostly : I've noticed it reacts in a REVERSE way : when pressing the pad, I get a feedback light (in read mode, this would mean VST active, which is what we want) - Yet in latch/write/touch, it means bypass. If i press again, light goes away and now the Vst is active... You can see it's pretty confusing ;)

Now upon playing back my peformance, i've encounter wierd behavior again but this could be due to me forgetting to put the track back to read mode. It seems my controller gets confused as to what to do : Follow the envelope ? or stay in its current state.

In all cases, I noticed the light feedbacks doesnt follow along but the FX chain window does(my realearn mapping for Fx bypass works as expected and follow the envelope points ticking and unticking Vst box.

see screen shot below :

1) -see track 4 has 1 vst Ticked in Reaper :

  • now see launchpad on track 4 (vertical row) has 4 pads light up as if all activated (in Trim/read mode, the pads would light up perfectly accordingly)

In this scenario, altought the lights weren't matching up, I was able to hear the ticked vst

2) - In this case where i've moved the Play cursor a little bit : I wasnt able to hear anysound although everything is ticked and it shows "normal" on the envelope. I thought I would hear 4 vsts at the same time like I would on trim/read

3) switching from Point 1) and Point 2) that i've just described (moving the cursor on timeline) don't make the lights follow on the launchpad altough a track goes from bypass to normal.

Finally, at this point, even switching the track back to trim/read mode doesn't really "reset" the launchpad and the track FX chain to act properly, I would need to delete all envelope, reset the track to trim/read and things go back to normal.

What do you think? Can this be adressed?

EDIT : In short, my main concern would be that the light feedbacks acts accordingly when in touch/write/latch mode. I have notice

As always, keep up the good work,


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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Looking into it. Found another performance issue when inspecting your RPP. Pressing the record arm button on the ReaLearn track takes ages (fixed in #155).

  2. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    I think I see the problem. For the following targets REAPER doesn't report any changes caused by automation lanes:

    • Track FX enable
    • Track mute

    There's nothing I can do to fix this within ReaLearn but I will ask the REAPER developers if they can add this. In the meantime I will add a note beside the target so people are not surprised.

  3. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    As soon as REAPER implements this it should work within ReaLearn without additional changes. Therefore I mark this as wontfix.

  4. Nelligan reporter

    Hi Benjamin! Thx for looking into it. Got it for the Reaper follow up. In the meantime, i kind of found some measure of success in "Write" mode as my automation gets correctly recorded and doesnt affect ReaLearn(or my launchpad) after the fact. Though i got to remember to switch back to Read mode and unarm the enveloppes not to confuse everything.In the end, its no biggie for my performances.

    I am more hindered in playtime by the undo/delete clip aspect aswell as overdub function like in ableton (both mappable idealy) !

    Any chance of an update soon overthere :) ?

    Thx again,


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