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When I bypass Realearn VSTs on the input FX section they are still controlling the parameters. Is this by design? I want to setup different groups of fxs for different tasks, sound design, EQ, comp, wet fxs and so on... and switch between them with custom actions, but this is not possible, because Realearn is still sending out data even when disabled.

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  1. Ketil Jensen

    This is my report. I'll test it without realearn the next week and make a better report following the the bug report guidelines you linked to on the main site.

  2. Benjamin Klum repo owner
    1. Do you mean that feedback is still sent to the MIDI devices (known bug) or that it is still receiving MIDI and controlling targets?
    2. Do you use <FX input> as "MIDI control input" or a specific MIDI device? (if you use a specific MIDI device ReaLearn indeed is still active when bypassed, I would consider this a bug)

    Best if you send me a RPP file (to

  3. Ketil Jensen
    1. It controls targets parameters.

    2. I use it as a specific midi device, since I want to use more than one controller, one for keys and one or two for knobs.

    It sounds like I my issues are the same as the known bugs you describe.

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