When track is <Selected>, ignore FX reorderings

Issue #150 resolved
Benjamin Klum repo owner created an issue

In this case rather refer to FX using position and don't track reorderings

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  1. Herbie Herbie

    Name can be renamed, and position can be changed - both really easily and often. Will "referring to FX using name and/or position" be more change-aware than previous?

  2. Benjamin Klum reporter

    Change aware? Normally, ReaLearn is already very aware of FX position changes. It refers to a particular FX via a stable and unique FX ID and thus recognizes when the FX moves to another position. That should work already.

    However, when "<Selected>" is chosen as track, it only works for the currently selected track. And it also doesn't make much sense to track reorderings. That's why I want to switch the position change awareness off completely whenever "<Selected>" is used.

  3. Benjamin Klum reporter

    re #150 Don't track FX reordering and removal when track is <Selected>

    Until now only the position is then used to identify the correct FX. In future versions maybe the FX name can be used as well.

    → <<cset a500ef6467b0>>

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