Crash if removing Plugins

Issue #189 resolved
Lion Pirk created an issue

Hi, first I have to thank you very much for this tool.

The problem is if I add all mappings I like and after I removing a plugin from the FX Chain (doesent matter what kind of plugin) Reaper is crashing immediately. I have to save a preset in Realearn and remove Realearn from the FX Chain and then I can remove the plugin I wish but if I load Realearn again and load the saved preset, the mapping is changing and not right anymore.

It would be nice if you can fix this crash issue when removing a plugin and it would be great if Realearn remember the mapping of the individual plugins doesent matter if you change the orderof the plugins or remove a plugin from the FX Chain.

Thank you very much

cheers Lion

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  1. Mark Fordham

    Hi - I have a similar problem but only with FX in the Reaper ‘Monitoring FX’ area. I can add or remove FX from here with no problem. But, as soon as I bypass/enable an effect in the Monitoring FX chain, Reaper crashes. If I remove ‘Realearn’ from the project then I have no problem enabling or bypassing FX plugins in the Monitoring FX area. Enabing/bypassing plugins on tracks in the project does not cause Reaper to crash.

  2. Moigle1

    Confirmed. Removing fx instance from the same track as ReaLearn causes Reaper crash every time. This does NOT happen when Realearn is put in the input FX. Only when in the insert FX. Win7/64 Reaper does crash when I try to close the project, triggered by unsuccessfully unloading ReaLearn from the input FX.

  3. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Upcoming ReaLearn (a rewrite) should improve on that situation. The error Lion and Moigle1 reported shouldn’t be there anymore. Mark’s issue should be less severe: No crash, but also not the usual ReaLearn experience, because REAPER doesn’t notify the plug-in of disappeared monitoring FX.

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