Create a "Learn" action for convenience

Issue #3 resolved
Benjamin Klum repo owner created an issue

Should behave a bit like the built-in MIDI learn.


  1. Detect the last touched target
  2. Find the most appropriate ReaLearn instance
    • If there is a ReaLearn instance which already has a mapping with that target, choose this one
    • If the target is a track target and this track has a ReaLearn instance, choose this one
    • If not, choose the first-added instance
  3. Find the most appropriate mapping
    • If the ReaLearn instance already has a mapping with this target, choose it
    • If not, add one
  4. Open the ReaLearn instance floating UI and open the mapping detail UI
  5. Activate "Learn source"

Comments (5)

  1. Benjamin Klum reporter

    re #4 Use UI thread fix again because the other one is not stable and probably never can be stable, re #3 Fix known issue picking up track volume as last touched parameter

    → <<cset 858235c59060>>

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