Weird GUI when over 100% size on Windows

Issue #50 resolved
Benjamin Klum repo owner created an issue

Reported by Sju

Just wanted to report a little graphics glitch: the UI doesn't seem to like over 100% size settings for Windows graphics. This happens with 125%

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  1. casrya

    Same problem here and it is a more than just a visual nuisance because the controls are cropped and you can’t do some of the important functions (such as learn target, duplicate or remove). As Benjamin states you can workaround by setting display scaling to 100% (which is very small on my system) or alternatively in my case the Reaper setting Preferences->General->Advanced UI Tweaks->HiDPI set to unaware also fixes the Realean issue but makes Reaper looks terrible/blurry.

    Thanks for your attention.


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