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I often find that my list of mapped parameters in ReaLearn excedes 100. This takes a lot of clicking (duplicate/edit/change values/ok/repeat). Then I sometimes want to change a property of all mappings to a different value, but put off by the lengthy, repetitive and error prone labour.

Maybe a method of changing mappings en masse or global properties could be added?

For example, the last time I needed this was: I had mapped all CC's 0-127 to the first 128 host params of Kontakt using 'encoder type 2' mode. But realised later that the acceleration of the encoders were improved by increasing the max step size.

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    re #67 Allow import and export of all ReaLearn settings from clipboard

    • In textual form
    • For example offers a way to advanced users to do some batch editing (e.g. by search and replace in a text editor)

    → <<cset 2bd043b192de>>

  2. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    I don't really have the time to implement a convenient UI for modifying multiple mappings at once, that would be very much effort. Instead I've implemented a less convenient but powerful way to change ReaLearn settings: You can now easily copy ReaLearn settings as text (JSON) to clipboard, modify it in any way you want in the text editor (for example do a search and replace of "Max step size") and import it again from the clipboard. That way at least advanced users who can cope with a text editor can change multiple properties at once or do other things.

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