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i find myself going through my mappings one by one to make sure theyre there.

i imagine something like reapers routing matrix, or some kind of tree diagramm, that gives visual feedback mappings i dont think it would be needed to see all possible mapping options, but the ones that are actually there

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    I think I won't add such an overview, at least not in the plugin itself. It would be pretty time consuming to do a thing like that with native GUI controls (ReaLearn uses native GUI controls). But from upcoming version 1.2.0, ReaLearn will open up a bit by allowing to copy/paste ReaLearn plugin state in form of structured textual data (see #67, JSON format). So anyone who knows a bit HTML/CSS/JavaScript could write a small web app which creates a nice looking overview for all the mappings within ReaLearn. JSON translates directly to JavaScript objects, so this should be a no-brainer once that person has an idea how this should look exactly.

    So: Third-party developers/scripting people welcome! If you have questions about the format, let me know.

    Apart from that I will implement #97: A way to lookup a mapping. That should help in your case as well.

  2. lowlyOP

    Would it require a lot of re-coding to impliment the ability for the user to name each mapping within the GUI? My issue is trying to figure out what's what. After 6 or so maps in any given preset, I get lost too easily.

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