add target: "type: Track select, track: <current>"

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It would be great if it was possible to select the track with the instance of ReaLearn on (and de-select other tracks). That way it's possible to combine ReaLearns strength of working with tracks other than those selected with all of Reaper's actions for selected tracks on the <current> track in ReaLearn, like mute, solo, float FX window etc.

Also, when playing live it it would make it unnecessary to fiddle with the mouse pad or mouse, which can be a little difficult.

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  1. Mathias Wulff

    This would make it possible to select any number of pre-defined tracks by one keypress. Useful live to mute or solo different groups of tracks (almost Ableton style) and also useful when recording and mixing.

  2. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    I think I will implement this and also add a checkbox where you can decide if you want other tracks to get de-selected.

    @hejmathias The scenario you are describing doesn't seem to be possible with that because either other tracks get de-selected or their selection state is not touched (in which maybe unwanted tracks will stay selected).

  3. Mathias Wulff

    @helgoboss Implementing the checkbox you mention is absolutely the best way to do it :-) Reaper already has an action that unselects all tracks, so it’s great also to be able to select track after track (keeping their state) and then mute/solo them with one key press. (I actually have this setup at the moment using SWS to add a prefix to the track name and to select tracks with that prefix.)

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