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mod_openid is OpenID 2.0 compatible authentification module for zotonic web framework.


  1. Goto to zotonic sources: $ cd /path/to/zotonic
  2. For zotonic 0.7 use install module script: $ bin/zotonic installmodule mod_openid
  3. wait until compilation finished. You should have hg, git and make installed on your system.

Module will be installed to priv/modules/mod_openid.
Module has dependences (erl_openid, ibrowse), they will cloned via git into priv/modules/mod_openid/deps.


It is simple and optional. See Configuring.


You need to enable mod_openid in the /admin/modules.

If you want eye-candy on your site, you need to create look into mod_openid/templates/ dir and create openid submit buttons in the your site templates.

And if you have some brains, you should look onto notifications page, because it will tell you how to gain control over mod_openid's redirections and decisions.



Initially written by Konstantin Nikiforov <> (GPG 0xBED6798A) at 2011.
Code is distributed under Apache License, Version 2.0.