Coveralls HG

What is it?

  • An api library to

What problem does it solve?

Other coveralls library require git, this one is more dvcs agnostic, but targeted towards bitbucket. The coverage information should be a python coverage file.

How do I install it?

$ pip install coveralls-hg

How do I use it?

# The user, repo are the bitbucket variables
# The token is the coveralls project token
>>> from coveralls_hg.api import API
>>> api = API(user, repo, token)
>>> api.set_source_files(path_to_coverage_data)
>>> api.upload_coverage()

The api has several other things that can be set additionally to upload to .

What license is this?

Two-clause BSD

How can I get support?

Please use the repo's bug tracker to leave behind any questions, feedback, suggestions and comments. I will handle them depending on my time and what looks interesting. If you require guaranteed support please contact me via e-mail so we can discuss appropriate compensation.

Signing Off

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