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This project is still in incubation. I hope there will be something fun/cool in the near future :) If you still have troubles after reading the wiki, feel free to email me at:


  • General
    • Multiple types of media(Images(.ppm +.pgm), video file(Planned), Kinect RGB+depth stream(Planned)) as input data
    • Manual tracking initialization on RGB and depth data
    • (In progress)RGB to depth mapping
  • TLD algorithm
    • (Implemented but need further testing in combination with detector)Median tracker
    • (phase 1 completed)Detector using depth data
    • (Planned)P-N learning
  • 3D hand point cloud generation
    • Surveying...


  • Python 2.7
  • OpenCV 2.3.x + official Python wrapper
  • Mayavi2 4.0.0
  • Numpy 1.6.1(or later)
  • Cython 0.15(or later)
  • Kinect hardware


Please goto: FAQs