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This is the wiki page for all the files that I came up with for:

(1) The book: Introduction to algorithms 3rd ed.

(2) HW assignments for Design and Analysis of Algorithms1(At Coursera)( All solutions are compressed in 7z with passwords).

(3) HW assignments for Algorithm course I took at NCKU.

(4) Solution to Project Euler.

All the src files are license under GPLv3, or (at your option) any later version. All the documents are licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.


  • Go (Don't know what Go is? Check here)
  • (Optional) For visualizing the results( For ex, time complexity of a function)
    • Python 3.x
    • numpy 1.6.1 (or later)
    • matplotlib (download)
    • PyQt: Required as the backend of matplotlib for interactive data visualization.


check pdf version(Generated by Lyx).

If you want to obtain the original Lyx files, please check the "lyxSrc" folder in the repository directory tree. Additionally, all the figures in lyx files can be obtained here.

For the theory behind each solution. I will try my best on ensuring the correctness of all src code files and documents in this repository. However, everything here are merely for your reference. There's no guarantee that the solutions are all correct.