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rename some functions (with underscores)

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 let close f = ignore (Unix.close_process_out f)
-let endSignal f = fprintf f "e\n%!"
+let end_signal f = fprintf f "e\n%!"
-let sendColumns m f =
+let send_columns m f =
     let cols = Array.length m in
     let rows = Array.fold_left max (-1) ( Array.length m) in
     for i=0 to rows-1 do
             else fprintf f "- ";
         done; fprintf f "\n%!";
-    endSignal f
+    end_signal f
     (* for some reason, gnuplot wants a double "e" at the end
      of the stream for matrix data given to [splot()] ... *)
-let sendMatrix m f =
-    sendColumns m f;
+let send_matrix m f =
+    send_columns m f;
     fprintf f "e\n%!"
 let plot data f =
     let cmds = (fun (_,opts) -> sprintf "'-' %s" opts) data in
     let cmd = "plot " ^ String.concat ", " cmds in
     send [cmd] f;
-    List.iter (fun (d,_) -> sendColumns (Array.of_list d) f) data
+    List.iter (fun (d,_) -> send_columns (Array.of_list d) f) data
 let splot data f =
         sprintf "set yrange [%f:%f] reverse" (-0.5) (float m -. 0.5);
         sprintf "splot '-' %s" opts
     ] f;
-    sendMatrix mat f
+    send_matrix mat f
 let margins ?t ?b ?l ?r f =
     let setm s x = match x with
    the columns are actually the lines of your vectors, i.e.
    [sendColumns [| col1; col2; ... |]] ;
    useful with [plot '-'] *)
-val sendColumns : float array array -> t -> unit
+val send_columns : float array array -> t -> unit
 (** send matrix data to gnuplot -- for use with [splot()] *)
-val sendMatrix : float array array -> t -> unit
+val send_matrix : float array array -> t -> unit
 (** plot data ; this is rather flexible, you can do stuff like
    {[ plot [[x1;y1], "t 'foo' w l ls 7";
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