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Full commit
animate matching cursor like QtCreator (but with different implementation)
dynamically join templates with completer suggestions
customized widget style (clear, no pixel wasted)
action editor (toolbars, menus)
fold multi-line comments (and strings?)
autosave + backup (needs fully working document modes)
rope ressource wrapper for SourceChecker
remember outline state between sessions
pickle console state 
run code in external process
external process for autocomplete&friends for even better performance
icon bar left of line number bar for errors, hints, etc
use filesystemwatcher to track external changes
remember userdata between sessions
emacs-like minibuffer to open files, etc
update structure after doc-changed-signal
follow to definition
mark symbol occurences
rename symbol
quickfix: refactor star imports
show calltip and doc besides completer for active selection
use rope for error checking
fix snippets
warn about to big files before opening
check permissions before open/save
create api documentation using rope
interactive highlighter editor (using json-highlighter and test button)