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Welcome to EmbeddedPyQt's documentation!

EmbeddedPyQt is a small library which can be integrated into your C++ project to add Python scripting functionality.

Every sub-class of QObject in Qt contains meta data which contains information about names, properties, signals, slots, etc. This can be used by PyQt to create dynamic bindings.

To make your objects available to Python you only have to make sure that you subclass from QObject. Every property can be read/written and every method is callable which is defined as a slot or marked with Q_INVOKABLE.

This is a huge advantage over sip which requires definition files for each class to produce a binding library. But EmbeddedPyQt will never be as fast as sip. So if you need perfomance and flexibility you should stay with sip.



The newest snapshot is available at


To branch the Bazaar repository do

bzr branch http://www.henning-schroeder.de/embeddedpyqt/bzr embpy_branch


This project is still in early stages and probably contains bugs.

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