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collected more features in readme

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      * offer to add import-statement if name is found in module database
      * offer to add function if name is called (method if dotted-name)
      * offer to add variable if name is not called (attribute if dotted-name)
+     * offer rename if similar name is found (fuzzy string compare)
    * formatting
      * autopep8
+     * strip lines with spaces if not inside expression
+     * remove empty lines at bottom of file
    * Python 2/3 syntax differences: 2to3
    * tabs to spaces
    * spelling corrections
    * close parentheses/brackets/braces
    * space after comma
    * after "from FOO " append "import "
+   * add args after a star in function header, add kwargs after two stars
    * add documentation stub based on signature
+ * more smart editing
+   * regular expressions in code should be highlighted and validated
+   * spell check comments and strings
  * correctly load/save source files according to encoding hint at the header
  * project settings
    * source root folder