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My collection of useful Qt widgets

Some code was ported from C++ which was included in Qt Quarterly,
Qt Central, KOffice 2, Arora and QtCreator. 
Some ideas came from Firefox and Eclipse. 

 * dockwidget.py: collapsible dock widget ported from KOffice 2
 * downloadialog.py: Http download with progress bar
 * eclipsedocks.py: Tabbable dockwidgets similar to Eclipse
 * fader.py: Fadding widget effect
 * findwidget.py: Like the search-widget at the bottom in Firefox 
   and the replace-widget like in Qt-Creator
 * flowlayout.py: Flow layout (used by findwidget)
 * freedesktop.py: For finding the correct icon
 * lineedit.py: lineedit with clear button, menu, 
   inside label-text (like search field in firefox)
 * splitter.py: MiniSplitter from QtCreator
 * squeezelabel.py: Label which squeezed text if it does not fit
 * tabwidget.py: Movable tabwidget bar (for <  Qt 4.5)
 * x11/mplayerwidget.py: Widget which embeds mplayer
 * x11/terminal.py: Widget which embeds xterm
See the tests if you want to know how to use these widgets.

About the coding style

Before you ask: The star imports will be refactored. 
Method names follow the Python style (PEP8) and do not follow the Qt/C++ style. 
If you see a lower case method name with underscores you can be sure
it is a new method which is not available in the Qt base class.