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Prerequisite build step plugin

The Prerequisite build step plug in allows you to verify the state of other jobs and fail the build if needed.

How to use

There are only two settings to configure after adding the build step to your job.

  1. Projects: comma separated list of projects to check
  2. Warning only mode: If this is activated then the build will not be failed even if the checks are failed

When a job is checked the following conditions must be validated before the job is marked passed.

  1. The job must exist
  2. The job must have been built at least once
  3. The job cannot currently be building
  4. The last completed build must have resulted in a stable (blue) build.


The plug in is compiled against Hudson 1.392 and should therefore work with both Hudson and Jenkins


Please file any issue here at bitbucket as I don't want to watch both Hudson JIRA and Jenkins JIRA


1.0 Initial release failed
1.1 First release