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prepared 0.5
some cleanups/fixes inspired by Jukka Salmi's feedback
simplified main.c, switching back to single urxvt usage
s/sleep 5/sleep 2/
changed the status info README hint (more simple now, no extra script necessary)
s/0.5/0.6/ - my steps are wider than the reality
applied sanders maxfix patch
added a note how to achieve status info in the bar
preparing 0.6 which will be available in the evening after sanders patch approx.
sanitization of several clunky stuff, removed heretag (rarely of use), simplified pop(), changed shortcuts to always contain MODKEY
applied sanders no_sizehints for tiled mode patch (thx!)
serious mistake in pop() (forgot to set c->prev to NULL on pop)
using double-linked list in order to get correct prev focus handling
added yet another CUTOMIZE tag
cleaned the CUSTOMIZE flags
made status bar drawing more robust, implemented togglemax and togglemode, works quite well
cleaned up code
Added tag 0.4 for changeset eb3165734f00fe7f7da8aeebaed00e60a57caac9
prepared 0.4
using O3 instead of Os, binary size still < 40kb
fixed version in man page
yet another html patch
updated html
makefile now sets permissions for executables and man pages
removed c->f{x,y,w,h} and c->t{x,y,w,h} in favor for the new rule handling remembering two kinds of geometries is unnecessary, removed the randomized (x,y) setting on dofloat startup, was kind too random und unpredictable
implemented regexp matching for rules
applied Jukka's patch with s/ModKeyMask/MODKEY/g
removed TODO, because dwm is nearly finished
reapplied my default keybindings
alternate dwm.png
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