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Boatspeed makes your mobile phone into an invaluable companion of when you're traveling with your boat.

Main Menu

From the navigation drawer you reach all components of BoatSpeed:

Navigation Drawer

Components are explained following:

(1) Sailing

Use your phone as a display instrument when boating:

Component Sailing

Sailing shows the boats heeling (1), heading (2) and current speed as provided by the gps of your phone.

To change units between metric, nautic and scientific see: Settings.

A long press on speed (3) or heading (2) makes a popup menu appear that lets you configure this view.

By a long tap at the heeling field (1) you can set the upright position of the display.

At the bottom your current position is show (4). To share your position long tap at the field, the phones share view will appear.

At the bottom's right side the gps accuracy in meters is shown (5). If the accuracy is less than meaning greater than 6 m it probably is insuffisant for nagivation and shown in read as a warning.

(2) Navigation

Navigate with the map of OpenSeaMap. Create your own routes.


For details on navigation see navigation

(6) Tracking

allows you to store the geocordes as well as the speed and bearing of your trip. You can start or stop tracking here.


There are two modes:

Regatta (8) - mode stores your position every 10 seconds. By this a lot of data is produced, so this mode only fits for some hours.

Cruising (7) takes the data every 2 minutes if your position has changed for more than 100 m and your course changed for more than 20 degrees or speed changed for more than 2 km/h.

Tracking continues running in the background as long as the phones gps-sensor is active. You can also stop tracking by pointing at the notificaition shown in the notification selection of your phone.

(3) Tracks


You may view, edit and export you tracks in the tracks component. See extra page.

(4) Regatta


(1) Is the start - stop button. (2) shows the conuntdown. To configure it long tap at the field. (3) current time.

After countdown the display switches to the sailing view (1).

(5) Anchor Alert

reports by sound and light signal if your boat reaches a configurable distance from your anchor position. Press long on the distance-display to set the alarm ringtone. The alarm distance can be set by pressing the smaller "Change" button at the bottom. The anchor alarm starts by tapping the "Start", stops by "Stop".

Warning: The anchor alert does not replace the deck guard. It must only be used supportive. Apart from hardware limitations of your device also the Android operating system can interrupt background processes as anchor alarm is. This will prevent Anchor Alert from working as expencted.

(9) Context menu

A tap at the thee dots opens the context menu.

Context Menu.

Here you

  • find further settings for some conponents (1),
  • call the settings (2),
  • control tracking again (3) as described above,
  • lock the screen (4), see below,
  • call this help pages (5)
  • and buy the ad-free version (6) to support development and get rid of the ads.

Lock Screen

Screen lock prevents you from unwanted app actions, for example by water or rain falling at the display. When activated all app-actions are locked and can't execute. Please note that buttons outside the app will still be active.

To exit from screen lock bring the app to the background, rotate the device or hit the device's "back" button.

Limitation of Liability:

The software and the documentation is provided "as is" without guarantee for function, correctness or accuracy. For any direct or indirect damage - in particular damage to other software, hardware damage, damage from loss of use and damage from inoperability of the software, the author can not be held responsible. Only the user is liable for the consequences of using this software. This software was designed with the utmost care, however errors can never be excluded. Therefore, it can not guarantee your safety or the safety of your data.


Copyright (c) 2019 Hans Joachim Herbertz, - All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized copying of this software or parts of it, via any medium is strictly prohibited.

Maps taken from OpenSeaMap and OpenStreeMap, their licenses are Database Contents License, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 and other.

Many thanks to osmdoid android map view, licenced unter Apache 2.

Privacy Policy

No Data will be collected or shared.


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Please buy the ad-free version to support development and get rid of the ads.

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