What is this ?

This repo contains the source files for the Chrome plugin that enables it to force to use Microsoft Yahei font for all webistes allowing exceptions. These exceptions can be user defined, currently including (as these webpages are more beautiful in their original fonts):

  1. Gmail/GoogleDocs
  2. Leetcode
  3. Github (and *.io)
  4. Apple (including iCloud)
  5. About.Me
  6. StackOverflow/StackExchange
  7. Bitbucket
  8. Ideone
  9. compileonline
  10. cppreference
  11. walmart
  12. Oculus
  13. wunderlist
  14. Tower
  15. Inoreader
  16. Taobao
  18. ZenTao
  19. Qunar

Please note that the exception list cannot be edited manually by users. Contact me if you want to add exceptions for more webistes.