What is this ?

This repository contains the needed files and steps to setup OpenGL.

Needed files?

Simply download from Downloads page and put anywhere to your PC, assume C:\Libs\OpenGL.

Noted that, the embedded glew is builded under vc12-x86 mode, you will need to follow the following two steps if you want to use it for other platforms:

  1. Download OpenGL basic files from Downloads page and put anywhere to your PC, assume C:\Libs\OpenGL.

  2. GLEW package.

    • Download its source from GLEW homepage.

    • Build GLEW in the target compiler (platform toolset). For example, if you want to use it under v100 platform toolset, build it under Visual Studio 2010. Only 2 of 4 projects (i.e. glew_shared and glew_static) are needed to build.

    • Then you can copy built files also to OpenGL basic folders for easy setup.

      • Copy glew.h, glxew.h and wglew.h to C:\Libs\OpenGL\include\GL.

      • Copy glew32.lib, glew32d.lib, glew32s.lib and glew32sd.lib to C:\Libs\OpenGL\lib.

      • Copy glew32.dll and glew32d.dll to C:\Libs\OpenGL\bin.

Setup in VC++

  1. Add C:\Libs\OpenGL\include to Additional Include Directories.

  2. Add C:\Libs\OpenGL\lib to Additional Library Directories.

  3. Add opengl32.lib;glu32.lib;glut32.lib;glew32.lib;GlAux.Lib; to Additional Dependencies.

  4. Add xcopy "C:\Libs\OpenGL\bin\*.dll" "$(OutDir)" /Y /Q /D to Properties > Build Events > Command Line.

Or if you're using CMake, you can:

  1. Add system variable called OpenGL_DIR with value C:\Libs\OpenGL.

  2. Add C:\Libs\OpenGL\bin to Path.

  3. Use the following commands in CMakeLists.txt:

    # OpenGL lib
    # link libs
        debug $ENV{OpenGL_DIR}/lib/glew32d.lib  
        debug $ENV{OpenGL_DIR}/lib/glew32sd.lib
        optimized $ENV{OpenGL_DIR}/lib/glew32.lib
        optimized $ENV{OpenGL_DIR}/lib/glew32s.lib