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  • The repo is for an utility that can apply corrections for differential extinction on visual brightness estimates of variable stars. It can even determine the extinction coefficient, using the procedure described here
  • Version: 1.2.10
  • check out the Wiki
  • check out the tutorial

How do I get set up?

  • Make sure you're connected to the Internet
  • You'll need one of the following browsers: Google Chrome (when going for the chrome app), Internet Explorer 9 (when using the .HTA version), Mozilla Firefox (when installed via Mozilla Marketplace) or Opera 30.0 (when installed as an extension from the Opera ); mobile browsers and Macs will have to use the online app (see last point in this list).
  • For Internet Explorer fans, download and unpack the zip file to your HDD, and double-click the extinction-o-meter.hta file to use the application
  • For Chrome and Opera fans, just click the image below for the corresponding app store.

ZipFile_small.png ChromeWebStore_Badge_v2_206x58.png Opera_logo_RGB_flat_60px.png other-platforms.png

  • If you prefer a mobile browser (be it on Android, or on iOS) or Safari on a Mac, or Firefox ... then please use the online version; it works just like the browser extensions, maybe just a tad slower in fetching maps.

Who do I talk to?

Found a bug!

  • You can submit bugs to our bug tracker. As an alternative, mail me (see above).