RhodeCode / rhodecode / templates / admin / repos_groups / repos_groups_show.html

## -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
<%inherit file="/base/base.html"/>

<%def name="title()">
    ${_('Repositories groups administration')} - ${c.rhodecode_name}

<%def name="breadcrumbs_links()">
    ${h.link_to(_('Admin'),h.url('admin_home'))} &raquo; ${_('Repositories')}
<%def name="page_nav()">
<%def name="main()">
<div class="box">
    <!-- box / title -->
    <div class="title">
        <ul class="links">
            <span>${h.link_to(_(u'ADD NEW GROUP'),h.url('new_repos_group'))}</span>
    <!-- end box / title -->
    <div class="table">
           % if c.groups:
            <table class="table_disp">

                        <th class="left"><a href="#">${_('Group name')}</a></th>
                        <th class="left"><a href="#">${_('Description')}</a></th>
                        <th class="left"><a href="#">${_('Number of toplevel repositories')}</a></th>
                        <th class="left">${_('action')}</th>

                ## REPO GROUPS

                % for gr in c.groups:
                          <div style="white-space: nowrap">
                          <img class="icon" alt="${_('Repositories group')}" src="${h.url('/images/icons/database_link.png')}"/>
                          ${h.link_to(h.literal(' &raquo; '.join(map(h.safe_unicode,[g.name for g in gr.parents+[gr]]))),url('edit_repos_group',id=gr.group_id))}
		                 ${h.form(url('repos_group', id=gr.group_id),method='delete')}
		                   ${h.submit('remove_%s' % gr.name,_('delete'),class_="delete_icon action_button",onclick="return confirm('"+_('Confirm to delete this group: %s') % gr.name+"');")}
                % endfor

            % else:
                ${_('There are no repositories groups yet')}
            % endif


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