Mercurial: The Definitive Guide

Welcome to the source code for the book.  You can clone the definitive
copy of the source tree using Mercurial as follows:

  hg clone

The sources can be found in the directory 'en'.
You can build using 'make', output will show up in the 'build' directory.


If you find any mistake, feel free to either create a ticket or
(if you're up to it) a pull request!

Build dependencies

On Ubuntu, you need to run the following command to install all of the dependencies:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install \
        make \
        python \
        unzip \
        bzip2 \
        wget \
        python-dev \
        build-essential \
        python-docutils \
        rcs \
        inkscape \
        graphviz \
        python-sphinx \
        texlive-latex-base \
        texlive-latex-extra \
        pgf \
        poppler-utils \

Docker build

As an alternative to getting all the dependencies set up properly,
you can also run 'make docker-%', with '%' being the make target.
Adding 'docker-' as prefix results in creating a Docker image
with all the dependencies you need. The book will then be built
inside that image.