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 inferred from e.g. thing at point and buffer-local
 `jira-rest-current-project' or whatever.
+-- This is what I've done. Issues have their own mode now as there are
+   keybindings that make sense there while not making sense in e.g. search
+   results (maybe).
 I CAN hook into thing-at-point! Returning nil if there's nothing
 there is totally kosher! These are functions that are
 hypothetically generally useful!
-instance mode
-- display list of projects/filters in instance
-* search-issues (smart by default (project at point), prefix for explicit)
- - should this include filter at point?
-* show-issue
-* create-issue (again, smart project detection)
-(no comment)
-(no assign)
-(no next/prev comment)
-(no update fields)
-(no watch)
-- display search results
-* search issues (defaulting to project search, prefix for explicitly specifying project)
-* show issue (smart, issue at point else default prompt includes current project)
-* create issue (smart project)
-* assign, watch with smart issue detection
+-- I haven't done this and instance/issue/project inference doesn't exist
+   (mostly) and where it does doesn't use this.
-issue sub-mode
-- display issue details
-* assign, watch, comment, comment nav, update fields, watch for CURRENT ISSUE ONLY
-* create with smart project
-* search with smart project
+Next step is to switch back to basic auth and see how bad things really are
+(they can't be bad enough to stop us using basic, basically), then put
+earmuffs around jira-rest-instance and rebind more cleanly, try to find a
+way to clean up the code, fix the interactive declarations (which'll
+involve making synchronous easier) and infer more interactive arguments
+from the ambient state of things. More cleanly separate commands from under
+the hood crap. Add a getting started thing to comment header. Ensure the
+comment header is up to date.
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